Who are we?

Much more than you think


Our company was founded by our father, Antonio Guerrero Segura, by the year 1968 in English (Girona), working in the mines for Osor then go to Susqueda reservoir. Later, in 1973, settled in Salt (Girona) carrying a water well, construction work commissioned by saltenca EUGESA.

Absolute dedication:

We also carry out various works for other important companies of the time. Now this company has spent a lot of pride and dedication, called Reform Girona.

At your disposal since 1989. Working to provide you the best.

What we do:

construction-lit_insetWe are dedicated to all type of new construction and renovations for your home, business or community.

With us, you have the peace of mind that a well qualified team will put all his knowledge and enthusiasm to get your project done with the maximum guarantees execution and satisfaction to you.

Who we work with:

iglesia-de-sant-feliuSince the beginning of Reform Girona, we have been all kinds of reforms in housing and commercial premises.

We have worked with some of the most important companies in Girona and we have made some important works, such as the demolition of buildings in the Plaza de San Felix Street and Old Ferry Boat. A work of considerable size conducted with maximum efficiency. We work with skilled professionals in all branches.

High quality and best service – we are the best of Girona.

Reforms in Girona reform your home or your business for you. Our technicians will make a technical and economic study, advising them according to their needs. You can choose from a wide range of products from the best brands that meet the highest quality standards. We are the best solution to your needs.